Sing Your Song

by Kwame Kamau

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This song is a reminder, an encouragement, and a gift. Please take it, and take the hint.


For once in my life,
I'm gonna leave it all behind.
This time it's alright with me.
I'll do it. It's fine.
I don't get it, but I feel it
all around me, inside--
my heart overflowing,
my mouth a river of life
that I'm designed to ride.

Forever--it's right here,
each moment, the seed.
If ever you want it,
just take what you need.
There is plenty of power.
Be open; believe.
I know the hour;
I'm ripe to receive.
I've seen these things in me.

And in your eyes there is
a depth that matches mine.

'Cause we're drawn from the same depth,
by the same hand, together.
We are all most important
in the eyes of Whomever
we call on for answers,
we look to for love.
He's ready, She's willing,
to help you in every
endeavor--whatever you love.

It doesn't matter if it's
right or wrong--just sing your song!


released November 19, 2013




Kwame Kamau Muskegon, Michigan

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